D.I.Y Sunday – Clean your makeup Brushes

Hey Guys,

So I decided to start a new series I guess you could call it and that is D.I.Y Sunday. I have really been getting into this and want to share it with you all. I think that making things from home like face masks, cleaning products etc is so much better than buying it from the shop (and cheaper to!). Also it’s so safe for you, your pets and kids. So the first thing I wanted to do is to do a clean your makeup brushes tutorial. I think this is so great because it’s stuff that you can find around your house and so easy to use.

The reason I wanted to do this is because I thought, how many people actually think about cleaning their makeup brushes? If you clean yours well done, gold star for you. But I personally have never really thought about it. So here is my new Sunday afternoon routine . And it really does work which is a massive plus!  Also it keeps germs away and helps your brushes work to their full potential.

HINT: When you are doing this though Be sure to hold your brush facing down, you do NOT want to get water in the metal bit holding your brush to the handle. If you get water in there, germs will grow and your brush will break and no one wants that :(


To do this D.I.Y you will need:

– Make up Brushes

– Oil

– Bowl

– Baby shampoo or Natural shampoo

– Tap

– Towel



How To:

Then once you have that all set up you want to pour a small amount of oil into your bowl. Then pick up your selected make up brush and put it into the bowl and spin it in a mixing motion in the bowl. You should see the oil really changing colour in this, especially if you’re using a frequently used brush.


Once you have got the brush covered in the oil you will need to rinse it out. Be sure to hold your brush facing down. start from where the brush meets the metal and push all that oil out with your fingers squeezing as you go.


When you have all the oil out of the brush you can repeat if you feel it has not gotten out all the make up, If it has continue to the next step.

Get your baby shampoo and squeeze it into the palm of your hand, again mix your brush onto your hand until the shampoo is completely mixed in. Once completed again put your brush in the water facing down and squeeze out the shampoo.


When done try to dry your brushes facing downward, if you cannot do this then you can lay them flat. Your brushes should look pretty much brand new after this.


YAY! I hope you enjoyed our first DIY Sunday and I’m so sorry it wasn’t as a video but i haven’t had my lap top for the last few weeks so i have no video editing software :( There will be a video up after i come back from Melbourne though, PROMISE!

Make sure you let me know how you all went whilst doing this and let me know if you have any DIY that you want to see up here.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post i will see you all Tuesday with a new recipe that i really enjoyed making!



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